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Freelance Editor Resume Example

1299 Georgia Street
Bellingham, WA 98225
Cell: (333)-333-3333
email: 302@emailaddress.com

Career objective:

Freelance editor looking to benefit this company with my extensive knowledge of editing, proofreading, and copy-edit skills.

Summary of skills:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of editing and has written in varying styles
  • Knowledge of English grammar, descriptive and prescriptive
  • Eye for detail
  • Able to manipulate and play with language creatively

Work Experience:

Organization: Bellingham Herald, Washington
Duration: January 2010-January 2012
Designation: Editor

  • Handle the tasks of accepting, rejecting and finding manuscripts to publish within the publishing house
  • Responsible for checking the content, structural level, flow and organization of the information
  • Perform the tasks of formatting font and graphical layouts
  • Handle responsibilities of reframing the sentences, correcting spelling mistakes and finding accuracy of the written information, if required
  • Responsible for comparing formatted and translated documents against the English language to ensure formatting accuracy
  • Perform the tasks of editing articles and resumes submitted online to our site

Organization: Markets Solution, North Dakota
Duration: September 2008to December 2009
Designation: Proofreader

  • Responsible for polishing and refining the content of articles written by freelance writers
  • Handle the tasks of cutting the sentence, paragraph and words that doesn’t fit the content or article
  • Perform responsibilities of providing writing guidelines and suggestions for different sites
  • Handle the tasks of checking typo errors and providing feedback of the written articles
  • Perform overall responsibilities of checking article facts, spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • Ensure that the written articles are free from plagiarism and copyright issues

Educational Summary:

Achieved bachelor’s degree in Communication
University of North Dakota in the year 2005


Will be pleased to provide upon request

*If you have a LinkedIn or other online resume/portfolio, this is where you should place a link to it*

Online resume template was found at http://www.bestsampleresume.com/examples/editor/freelance-editor.html

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